Santa Shaped Christmas Wax Melts in a Box

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Due to the popularity of the Christmas Wax Melts, you can now purchase your Christmas scents all year round. 

Perfect for shops. Please contact us to pre-order.

Our delightful Christmas Wax Melts collection come in a fully recyclable gift box. Attached to the gift box is a Christmas keepsake.

Experience the inviting aroma of our Gingerbread Fragrance, evoking memories of warm gingerbread biscuits fresh from grandma's oven.

This delightful blend of cookie, vanilla, and caramel, spiced to perfection, captures the essence of festive winters. That's not all, we only use a luxury wax made from pure Non-GM Rapeseed and Coconut which is additive free.

Each pack includes approximately 50 grams of wax melts, thoughtfully packaged in eco friendly keep the wax melts fresh inside the bag.

These wax melts make for perfect stocking fillers and are a delightful addition to your Christmas celebrations. Embrace the holiday spirit with these aromatic gems.

This product is paraben and phalphates free

 Contains (alpha-Methylcinnamaldehyde) Coumarin, Eugenol, Linalool.

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