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Affiliate Program Commissions Schedule

Earn a fantastic 15% by sharing our products on line. 

This Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule (“Schedule”) is an integral part of the Operating Agreement governing your participation in the Associates Program. The Schedule outlines the advertising fee rates applicable to participants and specifies limitations on earning advertising fees for certain Products.

Modifications to this Schedule may occur periodically in accordance with the Operating Agreement. Any capitalised terms used herein, not defined on this page, carry the meanings ascribed to them in the Operating Agreement.

How Does It Work?

To participate in the Affiliate Scheme, we require your full name, email address, and the platform link where you intend to advertise (e.g., your Facebook or Instagram account).

Here's a simple, step-by-step guide:

Provide Your Details: Submit your full name, email address and platform you wish to use.

An Affiliate link will be generated for you to share - This link is what is tracked.

Receive Confirmation: An email will be sent to you with a password reset link.

Reset Password: Change the password using the provided link.

Access Your Dashboard: Once the password is reset, you'll have access to your personalised dashboard, where you can track the number of clicks generated by your shares and monitor your lead generation.

It's super easy and a fantastic way to earn extra money. We value your partnership and look forward to a successful collaboration!

Earning Potential:

Earning advertising fees for Qualifying Purchases is possible during each calendar month. The majority of advertising fees are calculated as a percentage of Qualifying Revenues, detailed in the tables below, and are subject to the restrictions outlined in the “Limitations on Advertising Fee Rates for Certain Products” section. Additional advertising fees, in the form of bounties or special offers, may be available, as explained in the “Special Offers and Promotions” section below. “Qualifying Revenues” refer to amounts received from customers’ Qualifying Purchases, excluding shipping, handling, gift-wrapping fees, taxes, and service charges, and reduced by any rebates, credit card processing fees, returns, and bad debt.

The Program’s standard advertising fee structure, , offers a standard commission of up to 15% on all products, excluding those specified below.

Standard Commission Structure
A standard commission of up to 15% is applicable to all products, excluding those listed below.

Special Offers and Promotions
Currently no commission to be paid on all sale items.

Important Note
Periodic changes to advertising fee rates may occur, including, but not limited to:

Excluding certain products or categories from earning advertising fees.
Adjusting advertising fees for specific products or categories.
Special or limited-time offers may also be introduced, allowing participants to earn advertising fees on previously excluded Products or categories, or to receive increased advertising fee rates as outlined above.

Notifications regarding exclusions, rate changes, special offers, or promotions will be communicated through updates to this page, emails, blog posts, or other means.

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