Halloween Wax Melt - Spooky Fun Botanical Pumpkin

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Unleash Your Senses with a Spook-tacular Surprise! 

Hey, Halloween aficionados, thrill-seekers, and all you spooky souls out there! It's time to dial up the chills and thrills because we're about to take your Halloween celebrations to a whole new level of hauntingly delightful! Say hello to our spine-tingling Halloween Wax Melts collection – where enchanting aromas meet playful spookiness in a dance of fragrant magic! Get your Halloween Pumpkin Wax Melt today.

Infused with Marigold Enchantment 

What makes our Halloween Wax Melts even more enchanting? It's the touch of marigold magic we infuse into each melt! The vibrant shades of orange from marigold petals add an extra dash of autumnal allure, transforming your space into a Halloween haven fit for any witch or wizard.

Tougher than a Coffin Nail!

Hold onto your witch's hat, because these wax melts aren't your everyday delicate darlings! You'll need a firm grip and a determined spirit to snap these beauties – but don't be spooked, that snap is just the beginning of the aromatic journey that's about to unfold. These wax melts are as tough as a haunted castle's secrets!

Choose Your Scent, Elevate the Eerie!

Our Halloween Wax Melts offer a scent selection that's like a cauldron of enchanting brews. From spine-tingling sensations to comforting cosiness, each scent is a potion ready to bewitch your senses.

Sustainable Scares, Eco-Friendly Elegance

Hold onto your broomsticks, because the eco-friendly magic doesn't stop there! Our Halloween Wax Melts are lovingly wrapped in luxurious recycled tissue, setting the stage for the grand reveal. And that pouch you'll find them in? It's not just a pouch – it's a pledge to our planet. Crafted from recycled materials and as compostable as a potion's fizz, these pouches are a statement of sustainable elegance. These pouches are fully recyclable in fact you can even pop them in your compost bin when finished.  Check out our sustainability values. 

Time to Get Your Spook On! 

Ladies and gents of the Halloween realm, the moment you've been waiting for is here – a world of spine-chilling delights and aromatic wonders packed into our Halloween Wax Melts collection. Ready to channel your inner pumpkin carver, ghost whisperer, and scent aficionado all at once? Dive into these irresistible melts, snap them like a master, and let the spookiness sweep over your senses. But beware, for when the full moon rises and the pumpkins grin wide, these limited-edition treasures will vanish like ghosts at dawn.

Your Ticket to Spooky Bliss Awaits – Get Yours Now!

Approximately 80 grams per Wax Melt.

Just snap the desired amount - These are hard!

Always keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not eat.


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