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Forest Holiday


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On your next forest holiday, immerse yourself in the invigorating embrace of nature with our Forest Holiday wax melts. Imagine yourself in a cabin with a hot tub, surrounded by the crisp aroma of frosty morning walks through a snowy forest.

Long-lasting and refreshing, these melts feature green top notes of pine needles, cypress, eucalyptus, and peppermint, with a sweet heart note of fir balsam and a warm base of cedarwood and resin.

Escape to an adventurous retreat with our Forest Holiday wax melts. There's nothing quite as grounding and restorative as an immersive trip to the forest. These wax melts capture the essence of a serene, snow-covered woodland, brightening your spirits with every use.

Experience the exhilarating scents of a forest vacation, where each breath carries the purity of nature's icy artistry.

The fragrance opens with a brisk combination of green pine needles, refreshing cypress, minty eucalyptus, and sharp peppermint, conjuring images of a snowy forest. Delve deeper into the heart of the scent, where fir balsam evokes a woodland grove's resinous, woody aroma. Finally, the woody base of cedarwood and resinous notes settles in, adding depth and complexity, evoking sap-laden branches and nature's enduring strength.

Long lasting Wax Melts, hand-poured in Somerset, UK


Forest Holiday Wax Melts

Approx 45 grams per pouch

Contains 6 hearts per pouch

Made with a rapeseed and coconut wax

Let your mind be whisked away to an adventurous forest holiday, perhaps in the Lake District. Imagine the thrill of exploring snowy trails, the warmth of your cabin, and the soothing relaxation of your hot tub. Our Forest Holiday wax melts provide the perfect aromatic escape, allowing you to experience the magic of a wintery forest getaway anytime you desire.

Wax Melt Guide

What is the Point of Wax Melts?

Wax melts are a popular choice for home fragrance enthusiasts due to their affordability and versatility. Unlike traditional candles, wax melts can be easily switched out, allowing you to enjoy a variety of scents without committing to just one.

Are Wax Melts Better Than Candles?

While we adore scented candles, wax melts offer a flameless alternative. You can use electric burners to melt the wax, which is safer and often more convenient than using a candle with an open flame. This makes wax melts a great option for homes with children or pets.

How Long Do Wax Melts Last?

When stored in a cool, dry area, wax melts can last up to 2 years. In terms of usage, a single wax melt can provide hours of fragrance, making them a long-lasting choice for home fragrance.

Why Can't I Smell My Wax Melts?

If you notice that you can no longer smell your wax melts, it likely means that the fragrance has dissipated and it's time to replace them. This is a normal part of the wax melt lifecycle.

How Many Times Can You Use a Wax Melt?

On average, you can use a wax melt around four times if you are using 3-4 hour tea lights. However, the actual number of uses depends on when the scent completely fades.

How Do I Remove Wax Melts from the Burner?

Removing wax melts from your burner is simple. Our rapeseed and coconut wax melts are particularly easy to pop out. Avoid scraping the burner to prevent any damage. Simply wait for the wax to cool and gently remove it from the burner.

Wax Melts in the United Kingdom

Wax melts have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, with a wide variety of scents and styles available. Whether you are a wax melt addict or new to the world of wax melts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

For the best wax melts in the UK, explore our collection and discover your next favourite scent.

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