Candle Making Business Workshop

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Candle Making Business Workshop

Turn your passion into profit!

Location: Held in Somerset and Surrounding Areas.

Dreaming of starting your own candle-making business? Or perhaps you own a salon or Airbnb and want to offer unique, custom products for your customers? Our candle making business workshop would be perfect for you.

This personalised 4-hour session will be arranged at a convenient location and covers everything you need to launch your candle business with confidence:

If you would like a more in depth class, a one to one class might be better suited.




    Start Your Own Candle Business  - Turn your passion into profit!

    Come along to a workshop with like minded individuals looking to learn more about selling and making candles

    Are you looking to start your own candle business? Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner looking to create custom products, our comprehensive course covers everything you need to succeed. Perfect for salon owners and other small business entrepreneurs, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to launch your own line of candles.

    Candle Making Course Highlights:

    Choosing the Right Wax: Understand the different types of wax and which one suits your business needs.

    Mastering Scents: Learn how to select and blend fragrances that captivate your customers.

    Wax Melting Techniques: Discover the best practices for melting wax efficiently and safely.

    Proper Candle Testing: Ensure your candles perform well and meet high-quality standards.

    Compliance and Regulations: Stay informed about legal requirements and ensure your products adhere to all regulations.

    Supplier Insights: Gain valuable tips on what suppliers look for in business partnerships and more.

    By the End of the Course, You Will Know:

    Candle Making Mastery: Create candles that comply with industry guidelines and standards.

    Cost and Pricing: Accurately calculate costs and set profitable pricing for your products.

    Insurance and Labelling: Navigate insurance options and understand essential labelling requirements.

    Legislation Compliance: Ensure your candles meet current legislation, including good manufacturing practices and CLP (Classification, Labelling, and Packaging) requirements.

    Plus so much more.

    Join our course today and take the first step towards building a successful candle business. Learn from experts and gain the confidence to turn your passion into profit.

    Wax Melt Guide

    What is the Point of Wax Melts?

    Wax melts are a popular choice for home fragrance enthusiasts due to their affordability and versatility. Unlike traditional candles, wax melts can be easily switched out, allowing you to enjoy a variety of scents without committing to just one.

    Are Wax Melts Better Than Candles?

    While we adore scented candles, wax melts offer a flameless alternative. You can use electric burners to melt the wax, which is safer and often more convenient than using a candle with an open flame. This makes wax melts a great option for homes with children or pets.

    How Long Do Wax Melts Last?

    When stored in a cool, dry area, wax melts can last up to 2 years. In terms of usage, a single wax melt can provide hours of fragrance, making them a long-lasting choice for home fragrance.

    Why Can't I Smell My Wax Melts?

    If you notice that you can no longer smell your wax melts, it likely means that the fragrance has dissipated and it's time to replace them. This is a normal part of the wax melt lifecycle.

    How Many Times Can You Use a Wax Melt?

    On average, you can use a wax melt around four times if you are using 3-4 hour tea lights. However, the actual number of uses depends on when the scent completely fades.

    How Do I Remove Wax Melts from the Burner?

    Removing wax melts from your burner is simple. Our rapeseed and coconut wax melts are particularly easy to pop out. Avoid scraping the burner to prevent any damage. Simply wait for the wax to cool and gently remove it from the burner.

    Wax Melts in the United Kingdom

    Wax melts have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, with a wide variety of scents and styles available. Whether you are a wax melt addict or new to the world of wax melts, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

    For the best wax melts in the UK, explore our collection and discover your next favourite scent.

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