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Indulge in the enchanting allure of our Butterfly Wax Melts – a captivating gift that adds a touch of botanical elegance to any occasion.

Delicately crafted, these exquisite botanical butterfly wax melts are meticulously designed for those special moments like Christmas, Mother's Day, or birthdays. Each melt, weighing approximately 55 grams, is a masterpiece of fragrance and aesthetics.

The choice of fragrance is yours, creating a personalised touch to your experience. Immerse yourself in the artistry of nature with every wax melt.

Unveil a hidden treasure within, as the butterfly wax melt reveals a delightful blend of Somerset lavender and delicate pink rose leaves. These elements embody gratitude and admiration, a heartfelt sentiment that resonates with every use. Our botanicals are thoughtfully sourced from the finest rose bushes, promising an enduring impact on your senses.

Effortlessly snap and infuse the desired amount into your wax warmer, releasing a symphony of fragrance that fills the air. Each butterfly wax melt is nestled within a luxurious presentation gift box, thoughtfully crafted from recycled materials. This commitment to sustainability echoes our dedication to the environment and the joyous moments these butterfly wax melts can bring. Experience the magic of Tripps Butterfly Wax Melts and let their charm uplift your space, one exquisite aroma at a time.

The product may vary from picture slightly due to the botanical variations.

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