Book Lover's Bundle with Wax Melts

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The Book Lover's Bundle Contains:- 

1 surprise book wrapped * Please note the wrapping paper may vary from picture shown

1 Elegant Reusable Eco-Friendly Gift Box 

1 Wax Burner

6 Wax Melts - Pre-selected by top popularity.

For the avid book lover in your life.

Introducing Tripps' "Book Lover's" Gift Box, a curated treasure of comfort and solace, designed to convey your heartfelt sentiments in the most meaningful way.  This elegantly crafted box holds the power to uplift and bring joy to your loved ones.

Enveloping Warmth: Includes a beautiful handmade candle. Crafted to provide a moment of tranquility, this candle casts a soothing glow that calms the spirit and invites relaxation. A harmonious fusion of scents valued beyond measure, as it offers moments of serenity and reflection.

Personal Touch: Handwritten Custom Message At Tripps, we understand the power of a personal touch. When you customise your message at checkout, our team will thoughtfully handwrite your sentiments, making your gesture even more intimate and heartwarming.

Your journey into sustainable luxury extends beyond aesthetics. The gift box and tissue paper is fully biodegradable and compostable. Embrace the elegance of eco-friendliness as you indulge in the beauty of our carefully curated collection.


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