When Should You Trim Your Wick?

When Should You Trim Your Wick?

Every flicker of candlelight can be a moment of tranquility and warmth. To ensure your candle experience is not only delightful but safe, consider the simple act of trimming your wick before each use.

Why Should You Trim Your Wick?

Trimming the wick to approximately 1/4 of an inch before lighting serves as the first line of defence for a cleaner and safer burn. Here's a bit more guidance to enhance your candle care routine:

  1. Trimming Ritual: Make it a habit to trim your wick every time before you light up. This small act helps prevent excessive smoking, sooting, and ensures a steady, controlled flame.

  2. Optimal Burn: For the perfect burn, maintain a trimmed wick. Keep it at a quarter of an inch to allow the candle to melt evenly and reduce the risk of flame-related issues.

  3. Burn Time Awareness: While enjoying the soothing glow, remember not to leave your candle burning for more than 4 hours at a stretch. This practice not only prolongs the life of your candle but also maintains its safety.

  4. Post-Burn Care: After the flame has danced its last, resist the urge to trim the wick. Trimming post-burn may introduce wick fragments into the melted wax, potentially impacting the quality of future burns.