What can I get instead of flowers for Mother's Day?

Are you stuck on what to get your amazing Mum this Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is held in the UK this year on the 10h of March. 2024 This is the time for us to show our Mums that we appreciate them. Personally, I have always found anything with a little thought behind it and care means more than any monetary value.

From waking in the morning to a prepared breakfast with help or a handmade card. I feel any gesture goes a long way. Over the years I have received some very touching handmade cards and gifts from my own daughter which meant so much. It really is a case of thought counts.

Mother's day gifts


Mother's Day Gifts

A hamper.
This can be of any value, from a decorative box bought from a shop or a shoe box wrapped in pretty paper. Inside can be little treats, from chocolates or even having an at-home spa day. You could fill it with a face mask, some bubble bath, a bath bomb, and creams. You could put our cute bunny wax melts in our what about our botanical wax melts?
Have you seen our gift boxes? Each one elegantly put together with 100% recyclable packaging.
Book a Spa Day.
If you're able to give your Mum a special spa day. This will be a wonderful experience.
Jewellery. I personally have always been pleased with any jewellery piece.
A day out.
Take your mum out, and enjoy her company. Mother's Day only happens once a year so make a lovely memory that you and she will remember forever. Having a day out can be anything from a coastal walk or a countryside visit. If your budget allows book a lunch somewhere.
Home Fragrance.
Last but not least a lovely Candle or some botanical heart shaped wax melts. We have a full range of wax melts all beautifully wrapped. When your Mum melts a wax melt she can think of you.
What should you not do on Mother's Day?
The most important thing is to appreciate your Mum. Don't forget and do nothing.
Even if you can't afford to get your Mum some gifts, remember to call if you live away.
Who started Mother's Day?

I found this to be very vague. There is a lot on the internet about Mother's Day starting in America by a lady called Anna Jarvis. The UK history seems sparse suggesting it started in the 16th Century on the 4th Sunday during Lent. This became reinvigorated by a lady called Constance Adelaide Smith who worked tirelessly to celebrate this day, even though she had no children of her own.