Sizzling Weekend in Cheddar: Candles, Community, and Sold-Out Scents

Sizzling Weekend in Cheddar: Candles, Community, and Sold-Out Scents

A Sizzling Weekend in Cheddar, Somerset: From Scorching Sun to Thunderstorms

Phew, this weekend in Cheddar, Somerset was a hot one! With temperatures soaring up to nearly 30 degrees, it was the kind of weather that made you reach for your sunglasses and sunscreen. Our candle and wax melt business, Tripps of Somerset, had quite the adventure over the weekend, braving the elements and meeting some wonderful folks along the way.

Saturday at Portishead Cricket Club: A Day of Fundraising and Sunshine

Our first event on Saturday took us to the Portishead Cricket Club, where we joined forces with other stallholders to support the charity community of purpose. By the lakeside, we set up shop, surrounded by a vibrant community of local businesses.

The sun was relentless, and we had to work hard to keep our delicate wax creations from melting in the heat. Fortunately, our trusty gazebo provided some much-needed shelter, and we managed to keep everything in perfect condition.

One of the highlights of the day was reconnecting with many of our existing customers who supported the charity event. It's always a pleasure to see familiar faces and catch up. As the day unfolded, we couldn't resist indulging in some delicious Cheddar strawberries we picked up from the club. They were the perfect sweet treat to beat the heat. Though we didn't win anything in the amazing raffle, we had a blast trying.

Sunday at Cheddar Food and Drink Festival: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Bright and early on Sunday, we embarked on another exciting adventure, setting up our booth just after 7 am for the Cheddar Food and Drink Festival. The festival grounds were nestled at the base of the majestic Cheddar Gorge. What made this event extra special for me was that I had spent many years working just across the way from where our stand was positioned.

Back in my younger days, I'd put in shifts on weekends and during school holidays, working at the bottom of the gorge. I lived only a ten-minute walk away, so this area holds a special place in my heart.

However, as fate would have it, the weather took a dramatic turn. Shortly after we set up, the skies opened up with torrential downpours, accompanied by thunder and lightning. It was quite the unexpected turn of events.

Thankfully, by around 11 am, the storm clouds cleared, and we were greeted by glorious sunshine and eager customers. It turned out to be a fantastic and bustling day, filled with interactions with both our loyal existing customers and new faces who were drawn to our scented treasures.

We were delighted to see the high demand for our products, particularly our Butterfly Botanical wax melts and the limited edition Black Pepper candles. They were such hits that they sold out quickly, leaving our customers wanting more.

Sizzling Weekend in Cheddar: Candles, Community, and Sold-Out Scents

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the returning customers who came out to see us, and a warm welcome to those who discovered our products for the first time. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to us.