FREE Guide to Sensual Scents for a Magical Valentine's Day

Find Their Perfect Scent: Your Ultimate Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Discover the magic of gifting with our free guide to choosing the ideal scents for your loved one this Valentine's Day. Tailored to assist you in finding the perfect fragrance for their unique preferences, our curated selection ensures that your gift is not only thoughtful but also reflects their individual taste. Explore the guide below to make this Valentine's Day truly special.

1. For Those Who Prefer Woody Scents:

If your partner enjoys sophisticated woody notes, we recommend our Dark Honey and Tobacco Scent. Crafted with a blend of tobacco leaf, honey, and spices, this fragrance captivates with top notes, reveals woody accords in the heart, and exudes warmth and allure in the base. Ideal for creating an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

2. For Lovers of Fruity Delights:

Gift the vibrant accord of Juicy Black Plum and Rhubarb to those who adore fruity scents. With top notes of rhubarb, heart notes of pear and peach, and base notes of plum and blackberry, this fragrance brings the essence of summer indoors. A delightful choice for romantic moments.

3. For Those Who Prefer Feminine Elegance:

Indulge your loved one with the exquisite aroma of our Dark Opium Scent. A harmonious blend of black coffee, white florals, and sweet vanilla, this fragrance creates a captivating allure. For those that like more heavier and sophisticated notes.

4. Limited Edition "Desire" Wax Melts for a Night of Romance:

Ignite passion with "Desire," our limited edition date night botanical wax melts. Adorned with rose petals, each wax melt creates an alluring atmosphere perfect for a romantic evening. Immerse your loved one in this woody scent with whispers of delicate citrus, exotic spices, and sensuous sandalwood, promising an enchanting bedtime experience.

Explore over 45 scents in our wax melt collection, including the limited edition "Desire," offering a variety of feminine and perfume-type aromas to suit their unique preferences.

We also offer FREE DELIVERY when you spend over £40.00  

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our curated gift boxes, each meticulously designed to be a feast for the senses. For those who seek the ultimate treat, our gift boxes are more than just candles—they are an exquisite journey into the world of sophisticated fragrances and unparalleled elegance. Beautifully wrapped with love, these boxes are a true embodiment of opulence, offering an irresistible selection of our finest botanical wax melts and scented candles.

Elevate the art of gifting and leave a lasting impression with a package that not only exudes luxury but also promises a sensory experience like no other. Each box is a treasure trove of carefully chosen scents, making it the perfect indulgence for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

FREE Guide to Sensual Scents for a Magical Valentine's Day Love wax melts

Romantic Ideas to Pair with Your Gift:

Luxurious Bubble Bath: Set the stage for a romantic night by preparing a luxurious bubble bath infused with soothing essential oils. Light the chosen scented candle or wax melt, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for a relaxing soak together.

Cook a Romantic Meal: Surprise your loved one with a home-cooked romantic dinner. Pair the delightful fragrance with the aroma of a delicious meal, creating a multi-sensory experience that will make the evening unforgettable.

Create a Cosy Movie Night: Set up a cosy movie night at home with their favourite films, blankets, and pillows. Let the flickering candlelight or wax melt fragrance enhance the ambiance, turning a simple night in into a cherished memory.

Let our ultimate gift guide help you choose the perfect scent for your loved one this Valentine's Day. Tailored to their preferences, each fragrance is a thoughtful expression of your love. Indulge in the art of gifting and create a truly unforgettable present, accompanied by romantic experiences that will linger long after the candles are extinguished.

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